Delectable Irish Soda Bread

Ready to GF and Veganize your St. Patricks Day? How about Irish Soda Bread. Warm, slightly sweet, and slathered in jam and butter. Irish Soda Bread, how I love thee.

What? What?! Baking Powder Contains…?!

Like many of you, I am always surprised where gluten, potatoes, and other ingredients are secreted in foods. Just like I scoff when mayonaise says it is low carb (of

Almond Streusel Coffee Cake

“I think this is the best thing you have ever made. Literally.”       — Terradon Iler The holidays are here and visions of sugar plums dance in our

Portland’s Very Own Vegan Tofu Egg Recipe

Our city of Portland adores breakfast.  I swear that we are madly in love our brunch spots, our coffee shops, and our brew pubs.  We will wait for hours to get

Substitutions in Flour, Oil and Sugar

These are a few of my favorite things… Since you are reading this blog, I am sure you have already discovered the need to make substitutions to your recipes. There

Swedish Heirloom Cookies

The Christmas Season is here and that means cookies. So many cookies. What are your holiday traditions? We have this Americanized traditional smorgasbord (have we mentioned we are a quarter

Easiest Steel Cut Oats

Ah, morning, the most dangerous time of day. The time when you need to Eat Right Now and have the least time to prepare the food to do it. Sure, there

Fire-Roasted Corn and Butternut Squash Chowder

Life is crazy. Have you met anyone whose life is not crazy? Maybe you are juggling work and a family, maybe you have health concerns that make everything a challenge,

Gluten Free Grain Cooking Chart

Grain Cooking Chart Grain – Liquid per cup of grain/cooking time/yield in cups Grains are usually done stove top or for less maintenance in a rice cooker! 🙂 Always rinse your

How To Make Amazing Roasted Vegetables

The last few weeks have raised conversations about roasting veggies and how to get that mythic, caramelized flavor we all crave. How can you avoid dry veggies?  Why would your veggies