Easiest Steel Cut Oats

Ah, morning, the most dangerous time of day. The time when you need to Eat Right Now and have the least time to prepare the food to do it. Sure, there

Fire-Roasted Corn and Butternut Squash Chowder

Life is crazy. Have you met anyone whose life is not crazy? Maybe you are juggling work and a family, maybe you have health concerns that make everything a challenge,

Gluten Free Grain Cooking Chart

Grain Cooking Chart Grain – Liquid per cup of grain/cooking time/yield in cups Grains are usually done stove top or for less maintenance in a rice cooker! 🙂 Always rinse your

How To Make Amazing Roasted Vegetables

The last few weeks have raised conversations about roasting veggies and how to get that mythic, caramelized flavor we all crave. How can you avoid dry veggies?  Why would your veggies

Make Grains in a Rice Cooker

A consistent issue I hear from you is that you don’t have time to eat healthy. You are looking to streamline your food prep to make life easier during the

Vegan Ganache

“Nosh on this ganache!” said Terradon this morning. And she says I am the ham in the family?! Enough about that. Moving along!  This is a vegan blog. 😉 What is

Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes

We know that you feel like you are going without, glutenous little treats are everywhere and look soooo good! And, they always seem to contain gluten and dairy.  American baked

What Makes Shortening Short?

The other day, I gave thanks it was 2016 and not 1996 when my brother-in-law wondered aloud, “Why is shortening called shortening?” I guessed it had to do with its common

Introducing a Guest Contributor

It is 7:41 on Sunday evening as I write my first hello. Hello! I’m Marianne, Terradon’s younger sister, and I have been lurking in the shadows of this blog for

Easy Peasy Barley (Coixseed) Soup

I adore mushroom barley soup.  When I had to go gluten free, I was afraid that barley was permanently a thing of the past.  Meet your new favorite grain: Job’s